Outreach Activities


For the week of January 17-23, 2016, I curated @RealScientists, a Twitter account where each week a scientist discusses their work and answers questions from the general public.
Initial interview, Highlights from Twitter, Farewell interview


For June 5-11, 2016, I curated @Neurotweeps, a Twitter account where each week a neuroscientist discusses their work and answers questions.
Highlights from Twitter



Interview with scientist (2018, September) [interview]

Could Sharing Research Data Propel Scientific Discovery? (2017, December) [interview]

Dementia Researcher Podcast
How to choose a postdoc, and find the right PhD [link]

#SciComm Podcast
Episode 31:
Interview with Chris Madan [link]

Bold Signals Podcast
Episode 2.14: Brainy Programming with Chris Madan [link]

NeuroCurious Podcast
Episode 3:
Interview with Chris Madan [link]

Faculty 1000
F1000 Specailist of the Month (2016, November)
“Being a researcher is to discover things that are beyond the state of current knowledge.” [interview]

Alberta Gambling Research Institute
Gambling Research Reveals (2014, Summer)
The Influence of Reward Value on Memory and Decision-Making: Interview with Dr. Christopher Madan [pdf]